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Jack Harrington, alias One-Eye Jack, was the most handsome of all pirates.  His residence in Port Royal, Jamaica was always full of beautiful women whom he spoiled with sparkling tiaras and shining necklaces.  He had plenty of jewels, since robbed the ships which carried nobles to the New World.  On July 15th, 1769, he captured the French ship Blue Fortune, which carried a charming young noblewoman named Catherine d’Avignon.  She had been forced by her father to sail across Atlantic in order to marry his patron Luis Bernard, the aging governor of New France.  When Jack dropped the crew of the French ship on the island of Hispaniola, Catharine, swayed by his gallantry, decided to stay with him.  Jack fell in love and abandoned piracy.  But henchmen of the French governor captured him by surprise and brought him to New Orleans.  Luis Bernard personally administered the tortures, vowing to blind Jack so he can never see Catharine again.  As Bernard burned Jack’s left eye with a hot iron bar, Catharine burst into the room with a band of Jack’s crew and carried him away.  After recovering from his injuries, Jack returned to the seas, taking his revenge on the French Navy, this time sword in sword with the beautiful Catherine.

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