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Alejandro the Black Fear, the Jamaican buccaneer, was a curse to the Spaniards who carried the stolen gold of the Incas.  His father was a Spanish hidalgo who arrived to Cuzco with Pizzaro and fell in love with Chasca, a daughter of the last Incan emperor Atahualpa.  When Alejandro was 17, his parents were murdered by Spanish conquistadors looking for gold.  Alejandro escaped and traveled to Cartagena, where he joined a galleon leaving for Malaga.  After a successful mutiny, he captured the ship and raised the pirate flag.  For many years, the image of Alejandro with two gold plated cutlasses in his hands parachuting on Spanish ships struck terror in the hearts of conquistadors.  But to the Indians living in the Caribbean and Central America, Alejando was a hero, who shared his booty with the poor and offered refuge for the abused.

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