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Some pirates were hanged for their exploits.  Sir Henry Morgan, the most fortunate of pirates, was knighted instead.  He was born around 1635 to a well-connected military family from south Wales.  As England descended into civil war, the Morgan family stayed above the fray, fighting in overseas expeditions for whoever was in power in London.  Henry joined the 1655 Venables expedition, which captured Jamaica for the British.  Henry's uncle Edward was later appointed lieutennant-governor of Jamaica.  Henry Morgan settled there, and joined the ranks of privateers licensed by the British Crown to attack the Spanish for glory and personal profit.  He was very good at the job, rising quickly to command a substantial fleet, which sacked cities in Cuba, Panama, and the South American mainland.  He was so ruthless and ambitious as to cause embarrassment back in London, where court officials often denied any knowledge of his exploits.  Morgan was briefly arrested by his own sponsors, but eventually he retired a rich, rowdy drunk on his Jamaican estates.

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