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Ann Ketling, alias Bitter Love, was on every pirateís mind in the mid 1650s.  After few mugs of rum in the taverns of Port Royal, pirates talked and dream about her.  Few of them had ever seen her, but those who were so fortunate describe her as an Angel with golden hair, blue safire eyes, alabaster skin and a smile that made men to lose their minds.  With her lover, Juan de Madeira, she commandeered a slave ship delivering a cargo of female slaves from Africa to work on sugar plantations in Cuba.  The liberated women joined Ann and Juan, because the idea of robbing the rich was more attractive then living as their slaves.  The schooner was renamed Sweet Amazon and soon engaged in acts of "sweet piracy," as Annís method of redistribution of wealth was called by her crew.  Their method was like this:  first the Sweet Amazon made a distress signal to a passing ship; then Ann screamed for help, and the officers and the crew of the targeted ship climbed over each other in order to be first at her feet; and she smiled and the tantalized sailors were captured, bound, and deprived of their treasures.  Even after they reached the final destination, their eyes were hazy and speech blurred.  They were talking like madmen about the angel that descend from Heaven, who filled them with unspeakable pleasure and returned to Heaven with their cargo.  Doctors used to say that they were stricken with the syndrome of "bitter love" after living without women for too long in the open ocean.  Others cursed their bad luck and brag what they would do with Ann, if they ever had a chance to meet her.

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